Most General Practitioners have a specific interest in a particular area of medicine. Peter has been removing skin lesions (moles , cancers , cysts , lipomas) and revising some scars for 25 years on a regular basis. Most of the time he uses a skin closure technique which employs a strong dissolving suture , eliminating the train track appearance of many scars.

Peter has been using his MoleMax machine since 1997 , and his accuracy in diagnosis has significantly increased. He attends the Skin Cancer College conferences every year to keep himself updated. This results in less unnecessary procedures. However , it must be recognised that no skin check is 100% accurate. Technology and experience help , but when there is still some doubt the only way to be absolutely sure is with a biopsy , or excision.

Peter regularly excises skin lesions from the face , including the eyelids , ears and nose , and is competent with the use of flap and graft closures to achieve the best results. He also knows his limits and regularly refers to plastic surgeons when necessary.

Information you should know about Melanomas:

"More than 75% of all melanomas are a brand new mole. They are usually small, dark, flat and changing. The minority of Melanomas break this rule in some way. They can occur in a mole that has been there for a long time but it is still a mole that is changing. Change is the most consistent feature of all Melanomas which in all other aspects could be considered consistenly inconsistent.

Melanomas do not have to be flat, they can be lumpy. They can be funny shapes like a mushroom or a blob or a volcano. They can be funny flat shapes like a leaf, or a map, or have satellite spots. Melanomas can be any colour including black, blue, purple, red, pink, scaly, pearly, light brown or dark brown, and they can even have white bits in them. They do not need the sun, at all, ever in your life. They can occur on the scalp under the hair, in your ear, eye, nose, mouth, tongue, throat, bladder, vagina, bowel and on your genitals. They can grow on skin that will not tan e.g. the palm of your hand, sole of your foot, beds of your fingernails and also toenails and even on the clear, loose conjunctival tissue that lines your eyelids and covers the whites of your eyes.

So, anything that is new and/or unusual, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!"

                                                            - Dr Peter Ironside

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Some of the photos on this website represent
Peter's capabilities but not all are procedures that
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