Facial Rejuvenation
Dermal Filler

Our Dermal Filler is made from Hyaluronic acid. For the scientifically minded it is a gel-like aminoglycan substance. In other words it is a sugary protein-like molecule which occurs in all tissues as a binding and lubricating agent. It is the same in all mammals , which means reactions against it are rare. By cross-linking it together in the lab , various injectable gels have been made , and the Dermal Filler that we use is probably the best. The gel is mostly water because hyaluronic acid pulls water into its gel matrix in a massive way.

Injecting lines and wrinkles with our dermal filler gives and instant effect , which usually lasts at least 4 months , and can last beyond a year. Anecdotally , users of Dermal Fillers think that the body produces extra collagen at the site of the injections. This makes it last longer , the more times it is used.

The best lines to fill are in the lower 1/3 of the face. Peter has been injecting lips and wrinkles since 2000. It can be a bit uncomfortable , and bruising can occur , but the results are worth it.

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