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Micro-dermabrasion is a simple procedure , which gives the skin a deep exfoliation. The machine sucks on the skin , at the same time as removing the dead cells on the surface. Exfoliating creates a micro injury to the skin which in turn causes a healing reaction. The healing reaction results in stimulation of more of your own collagen. The suction affects the capillaries which in turn release a hormone to stimulate the collagen producing cells to multiply , and work faster. More collagen equals firmer skin. it also attracts more water in the skin (more hydration) and it also equals less wrinkles.

Vivienne now has a new Micro-dermabrasion machine from Ultraceuticals. It has a diamond tip and does not spray the skin with particles. Combined with this is the new hydrating wand , which allows the skin to be deep cleansed during the procedure , or more importantly , allows the deep infusion of vitamin serums , or even-skintone serum.

Using the hydrating wand , Vivienne can also apply a chemical peel at the same time. This gives a maximum exfoliating effect.

As well as Micro-dermabrasion, Vivienne has an Ultraceuticals Sonophoresis machine. This uses ultrasound frequencies to deep cleanse , and also to infuse.

Ultraceuticals products are used for facial skin firming , repair , hydration , deep cleansing , and reducing pigment.

Using all of the tools now available to her , Vivienne can give a complete facial treatment unlike any other.

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